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Feb 5, 2013 8:00am PST
. it was wonderful. it was a book called "basic physics" by ken ford. and ken ford became my mentor and another big influence on me. and ken ford's book, awesome. he told it like it is. ken ford is a giant himself. he doesn't have a nobel prize but his friends do. he's one of those type guys. he was the exec officer of the american institute of physics. i'm proud to say now, i'm very proud of him to have him for a personal friend. so he was a great influence on me. and now i find myself, my greatest satisfaction is to realize that i myself am an influence for other people. i'm sort of a kenny isaacs or a burl grey or a ken ford to many sten. and this many is with a capital m, thanks to the efforts of my friend marshall alenstein who has put together these videotapes and these dvds that spread my lectures from thelassroom into the classrooms of my ople. and so, it's wonderful beg that role model for other teachers and students. and whatever can do to be burl grey to other people, to let them see that perhaps a very good foundation for, hey, what's going on in the world, certainly, is science. so let
Feb 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
it is a ford organization, they ask that they turn their records over, the naacp refuses to turn over their memberships. that would put them in harm's way. >> carper marshall, he came out of the naacp. >> she loses her job in south carolina because she refuses to give up her membership. you cannot be a civil servant in south carolina and be a member of the naacp. she is running those workshops at highlander when rosa parks meets her, in part, because she had to give up her job because of the naacp. the other reason why they do not have parks on this case is the fear of her history with the naacp, the kind of red baiting that is going on. that case then makes its way through the federal courts up to the supreme court. it is that court case and the ruling that montgomery's buses will be desegregated. on december 20 we have those very famous pictures of all of us have seen of martin luther king in the front of the bus and that very iconic picture of rosa parks -- not my personal favorite. she is looking in profile out the window, a white man sitting behind her. it is a staged photo. that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2